Anju: who do I trust

As I come round I sit up I realised  had been moved I looked up to see Fialk holding me in her arms I gasped stood up too quickly and nearly fainted again. she helpd me up and we walked with rest trailing behind.

She squeezers my hand and says " so Anju whats your story if you would like to tell me" I looked up at her she looked down at me full of concern, was I that pitiful? I needed to tell someone and out of every one here she seemed like the best person to tell.

"well when I was a child I had a happy life it was wonderful I was taught my manners and how to be elegant as any proper younger lady should know" I took a deep breathe " the humans got more evil they attacked our home they held me tight,  and mad me watch my mother and father die" Tears ran down my face and I felt her pull me into a hug I sobbed aloud for a while until I calmed down.

she asked again " whats with you little friend here"  I looked down at boogie who I was holding in a tight embrace.

"well I do have a mouth you know you could ask me Anju!! I dont like her she's soo rude" I squeezed him tight before he could finish and galred at him. " Im sorry Anju Ill tell her, My names Boogie and Im Anjus friend I was given to her when she was 5 to keep her company as she refused to talk to anyone. I was once human, I was actually a killer but I have been put in this rag doll when I found out about he vampire race and said I'd protect her"

I looked up at her and she looked so shocked when he spoke I giggled to my-self, now is the time to ask " Fialka please you help me when Im hee I have no where to go and I have much to learn"

The End

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