It had taken Anju several minutes to come round in my arms. I helped her up, offering my arm in support. She grabbed it. Several  minutes later the elf Evelyn  was having visions.

I could feel the power in the room, it was shattering. Then noises, and we all moved upstairs. My eyes were fixed on Anju. She was not all together stable yet, and her doll intrigued me. I would take it upon myself to look after the girl as best I could. She was special. A pure blood.

We all reached the top floor and looked around us. I had vague memories of being here before, but as the years pass I have to choose some things to forget, and the details of the inside of the sanctuary had been wiped from my mind. But there was some nagging doubt in my mind. With nothing appearing, except a girl who slinks in to the room and stands in the corner, we went back downstairs. She seems to be having trouble concentrating. Casting my mind out I sense a turmoil inside her. Aah, so she can sense others emotions. Interesting, but painful if you cannot shut them out. Evelyn went to fetch Alanna, who had disappeared. She returned minutes later, and we began to talk. When it was my turn, as usual I said very little, just describing my capture and the killing of the guards. They didn't look like they dared press me for any of my past.

I doubt they would have liked the answer.

Alanna looked at me nervously. I checked the magical barrier hiding my strength and magic. All in tact. She couldn't possibly sense how much I had stored up, and how close I was to needing to sire. She must just be nervous of me. I am by many years her elder.

The End

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