Alanna: Alone

I followed the rest of the group upstairs but soon felt the need to be alone.   I slipped away from the group into a room along the upstairs corridor.  It was a library.  I'd loved reading before I had been changed but now books took on a whole different meaning.

The room was beautiful and like almost everything else in the house, big.  The celing was so high you could have fitted two floors into this one room and every inch of wall space was covered with bookshelves stuffed full of books.  Ladders were built into the walls to reach the higher shelves and comfy chairs and sofas were scattered around the room.

I ran my hand over the carefully bound covers, enjoying the feel of them against my fingers.  I picked one out at random from a shelf and began flicking through it, not reading it just looking as the words flashed by on the page.

I sat down in a big armchair, the book still in my hand and started to read.  I had forgotten what it had been like to be completely engrossed in a book, so much so that you don't notice your surroundings or anything that's going on around you.  I'd forgotten how much I loved it.

'Alanna?'  The voice cut through my bubble and bringing me back to the real world.  It was Evelyn who had spoken.  'We need you to come to the sitting room, we have something to tell you and we need to have a talk about why we're here.' 

I sighed, heaved myself up from the chair, put the book back into it's right place on the shelf and followed Evelyn out into the corridor.

The End

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