Billie: Emotion.

Instead of going with everyone else, I head down to the basement, wanting to get as close to earth as I can. Earth always helps to numb the feelings ofmine and others around me.

I can sense and control peoples emotions and I'm surprised I haven't gone mad yet, but I'm not complaining. I take off my shoes and walk on the cold concrete floor. I sigh. It feels so good. I can still feel the rest of the people in the house emotions. Most of them is fear, confusion, glad and worried. I shake my head.

I have enough problems without my power. Why are the humans suddenly coming after me? Well, it's not just me but why now? I sit down and close my eyes, trying to think.

"What are you doing down here?" I jump up and turn to the guy in front of me. I look to the floor. I've never been good with anyone looking at me, I prefer to be in the shadows. It's where I belong. I shrug at the guy.

I can feelhis emotions and I wince, putting my hands to my head. I start massarging my temples. "Are you okay?"  He's right in front of me, I nod. I can tell by his feelings that he doesn't believe me.

"C'mon. Lets see what the others are doing." He grabs myhand and takes me out of the basement and up the stairs to the others. I groan as their emotions hits me, getting stronger the closer I am to them.

We are in another big living room. I pull my hand free and stand in the corner, the darkest part of the room. I like it here, I feel calmer.


The End

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