Evelyn: Quiet

Even one begins talking. Telling their stories. Then they begin to talk over each other. Getting louder and louder and a pain in my head begins to build.

They're all in my visions. I cant stay here. I can't watch it play out. I'm not meant to intervene unless I'm in the vision myself.

The noise gets to much. I jump to my feet. "Quiet!" I shout. Everyone turns to look at me shocked but quiet. I know my eyes are flaring Violet, bright and angry.

"Thank you. Now stay that way while I think" I snap.

"Why should we?" Alanna asks angry.

"If you don't want to die, I surgest you do" I mutter. I sit back down and splay out my hands. Then images flash on the floor. Like photos.

I'm projecting my visions and search for the right one. When I find it I clench my hands quickly into fists. The images plays out.

"Hey that's...... everyone here" Someone whispers.

"Shh" I hiss. Then bang. Hell brakes loose. Everyone jumps at the shock of it. Fighting...... water...... explosion..... fire......

"Damn it" I curse as the vision cuts out. No ending just like always. I also cant see myself in the images. Meaning I'm not meant to intervene. Not meant to be here.

"I'm going to search upstairs" I mutter. I race off and a few seconds later the others follow. Everyone remaining at normal speed.

I mean of course most of us could use are powerfull senses and reflexes and speed to get upstairs.

But thats boring no tension. So as everyone gets upstairs everyones thrilling to find out whats around this place.

The End

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