Lirael: Arrival.

My mother was a wolf, like my father. Their parents before them favored bear-form. Somwhere along the line there have been eagles, hyenas and even panthers. Although we were all born human. I am an unusual kind of werecreature. Like my parents, I prefer my beautiful, sleek black she-wolf form. However, I can phase into any kind of predator, if I really try. Like most weres, I'm super-fast. I can also project thoughts and read minds, but I don't like to much.  Although the wolf is my favorite by far. Sometimes, if I get really angry or upset, I can't control my phasing, although that is rare now. I'm frozen at the age of 17, which is nice I guess. My eyes, no matter what my form, are always a brilliant emerald green. As a human, my hair tumbles in loose smokey curls down my back. I wear a black tank top and black jeans. A spiralling tatoo of vines and thorns covers my left shoulder. I'm pretty slender, since I do a lot of running. The Hunters, my ex-employers, didn't take too well to my change of heart. I condemned a lot of supernatural beings to them. Now I am on the run from them, literally.


The forest floor was tightly packed earth, each impact of my paws sent a jolt through my body. I was running for my life, shouts and missiles assaulting the air around my sensetive ears. The Hunters were right behind me and I was at the end of my strength. Somehow they were gaining, despite my superior stamina. Ordinarily I would fight, if not for the fact there were so many more of them. I flew through the forest, barely making a sound, my lungs and heart fit to burst. There was a horrific bang and a red hot pain burst in my shoulder. I stumbled, howling in suprise then growled, pushing on. I was not going to let them get me. I needed to hide. I used the narrowest gaps in the scrub, hoping they would get entangled. Gradually the shouts began to fade.

Suddenly I burst into a clearing, dominated by a huge house. A sign overhead proudly proclaimed 'The Sanctuary'.

I pushed ahead to the door, using the last of my strength to get through the door. I then phased back to my human form, a black tank top and pair of jeans forming with me. I was barefoot. I used my good shoulder to open the door, heaving oxygen into my lungs so that I could speak.

"Can please? I've been...shot..and Hunters.." I struggled to get the words out but I noticed a few beings get up and help.

"Let me look." A deep, authoritative male voice told me. I turned in suprise. A Lii'arc. I caught sight of a couple of vampires and happily, another young werewolf. Stood beside an orc, an ancient werewolf was staring right at me, his brow furrowed.

"Hunters." I explained. "I'm on the run.."

"So are we all." a vampire by the fireplace replied. She had stunning violet eyes. "What do you call yourself?"

"Lirael." I replied, trying not to flinch as pain flared in my shoulder again. "What about yourselves?"

The End

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