Anju meeting the others

As I shut the door everbody turned to look at me I tightened my grip round boogie who yelped. I could sense what they all were a vampire an Lii'arc, an elf,oh my a gaurdian mummy told me about them they look wonderul.  Anyway a half breed, a warewolf, a ghost failka oh my is she old !! and a faerie.

I was so afriad there was soo many creatures, so many I have never seen before I could have kicked mysef, Anju you silly girl you should have gone mothers balls more oftern so you would know if they were good.

The eldor vampire gasped and ran over to me bowing "I can't belive a pure blood vampire are still alive it is a pleasure to meet you my name is fialka" she had long red hair, black eye she reminded me or a wild cat beautiful but deadly"  I curtsied to her and smiled to " no pleasure is all mine Miss failka andlook around trying to stay calm but it didnt work I was pertified.

"Ha ha Anju is a scaredy cat you silly girl what would mother think" I clamped  my hand over Boogies mouth so he couldnt speak" tears ran down my face and my eyes glowed red with anger "Mother is not here and she didnt throw me out Boogie she was killed" my was hair  blowing around me as my powers were growing stronger I heard everbody gasp and whispering to each other asking what was going on. In a couple of minuites I had calmed down I fell to my knees and sobbed out loud saying mummy I need you. Before I knew what to do I felt someones arms around me I wanted to protest but they were tooo strong, I started to calm down, it has been many years since I was help in someones embrace. I tried to stay awake but I was so tired and it took over me.

The last thing I remeber hearing is boogie "Miss Anju wake up please Miss Anju Im so sorry"

The End

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