Qurevok Sad

Hi. Me name Qurevok. Me Orc beast, very strong. Now tired, stupid Hue- mans try fighting me.  Cee, won day, doggywolf Celttam come and tell me the Hue- mans come. Me go help Fary village fight EVIL. EVIL is bad, all the Hue- mans join it. They have big technolige, and it hurts me! But it hurts the Farys even more....

Anyways, me go and theys have BIG gun this time. I go and get in front of the village, all of the teny soliders on ther flours back me up. Me looks back and it is very sad to see all the nice mommas and baybes tring too hyde. Me gets angy now cause soldrs charge me, and little Fary boys look like the petals of a pech tre falling in Spring, and they are so butifful in ther own little ways. They cant stop so many EVIL guys at once, so I Leap Into Action! and pick up a tre and beat them all too a a..... oh yea, Pulp. Then, I get captred in a net, and its firestuff burns my tuff skin like a wafl iran, and a BIG boom hurts me lots, and I roll into the Forest. I can't even help miself, and pretty flower villag is getng hurt and the little petal boys all are sleeping on the ground and I cant stop it Me yel and Me smash up the net and the EVIL Hue-mans and the BIG gun rollys and then I run and the gras turned red cause its angry and I was so sad and Celttam will be so dispionted but me se THE SANCTUARY and Me hide. S o hurt, so sad, wher are Mi freinds, so scared, so angri. Why is this Hue- man coming- no, its Celttam oh what can ME tell HIM?

So Sorry.

The End

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