I run. My starlight curls flowing out behind me. I need to get away. A flash of a vision invades my sight and I trip.

I jump up again. My milky pale skin is dirty and cut. My light blues eyes are starting to cloud over into a light violet as I run.

No! I will not use my powers. Its to much to risk being seen.

I turn the corner round a building then vault over a wall into a garden. A boy looks up at me and gawks. I must admit my hair must seem strange.

I mean being starlight and all, light colours swirling together. "Hi" I say flashing a smile then run on.

I need to get out of the villiage. I leap through gardens disturbing children, adults and even the occasional elder in the sun chair.

How can humans have such peaceful lives? I mean I know some don't...... but I envy the ones who do.

I come out into the open and up ahead is a forest. I head for it running at full speed. Oh, why did I do that?

I know I should never trust my visions never mind tell someone. I grip my head as the vision flashes again this time much faster.

Then I see a sign up ahead. I don't care what it says.

I race for it...... I need somewhere to stay. Then thwack. I bang into someone and tumble back into the ground and slowly pass out.......

Not after seeing the people there. All the ones in my vision.

The End

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