I was resting in the top of the tree I like the sun but as a vampire it wasnt soo good for my skin so I have to keep covered up and use my parasol  to protect my skin.

 My long white curly hair was elegantly flowing down my back. My pre Victorian  black dressed had mud stains on it and the lace had ripped abit. If my mother was alive she would have been ashamed.

A bullett was shot up into the tree I jumped in the air and opend me parasol to protect me from the sun, I landed gracefully to the floor realising the a hiss through my teeth.  How rude to shoot a lady while she was resting in a tree.

"Oh Anju can we plase go now Im boored" Boogie moaned, oh yes boogie is my little friend, he a little rag doll with black shaggy hair a big cheesy grin wearing a blue stripy top with blue Pants. Boggie is possesed the the spirit of a killer

 I start to run too fast fot the hunters to catch up"Yes Im sorry boogie lets go I dont think they wont to play today" My voice sounded light, sweet and child like, as  pure blood vampire im born a vampire there isnt many of us left and were seen as higher class vampire amgust our kind but I just want to play.

A building came into view and a sighn "The Sanctuary" I giggled what a funny name and went inside and stopped and eyes widened and I held on boogie tighter who yelped so many night creaters in one place I have to be very carefull here !

The End

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