I awoke from my slumber and stared at the unfamiliar walls around me. A cell. pain shot through my head, and my hand flew to the back of it. Already, the wound was healing, but I could tell it had been huge. I cursed the humans under my breath. To think that they could capture me, one of the oldest vampires in existence. It was laughable.

Then, the cell moved, and I realised I was being transported. Sniffing, I could smell two humans in the front, and one on the roof. Smiling, I crept up to the window of the cell and peered through. The two armed men had no idea. Their necks were snapped in a second, and their blood quickened the healing of my head. The car never even swerved. Tearing the metal walls I jumped in to the driving seats and slammed on the brake. The man on the roof slid down the front and hung in front of the window. When he saw me he screamed and tried to wiggle away, but my hand smashed through the window, grabbing his throat and pulling him in to the cab. Within a few seconds, he had stopped struggling, and was still.

I wandered away from the scene, blood staining my lips. The Sanctuary. The words popped up in front of me lamost as if I had subconsciously headed for the very place I had used when the humans started to become so clever. Slipping forward, dodging some armed humans who seemed to have recently been following something, or someone, I made my way to the door. It was open. I slipped inside to see quite a collection of supernatural creatures standing around.

 A half-breed and a gaurdian, not very surprising, a vampire, quite young in my standards, a werewolf, and most suprisingly (not that I showed it) a  Lii'arc. Well, how interesting.

 I closed the door behind  me, and I waited for the reaction I knew would come from the vampire at least. We can all sense how old we are, and my age would surely startle her.

The End

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