Billie: What?

My heart is in my mouth but  I'm running as fast as I can. They're after me, again. I'm in the woods and my short black hair is falling into my gollden eyes. Not good.  I shake my head but it on;ly makes my vision worse. Looks like I've gotta change after all.

I faze into my wolf form and run on all fours. It's good to run in my werewolf form again, it's been too long. My tongue is hanging out my mouth abd I can hear the humans coming after me. It wasn't my fault. I didn't mean too, I was just so hungry.

I can hear their screams and I push myself on.

There's a sign that says The Sanctuary. Well, it better be that! I faze back into my human form, my eyes shining brighter and my skin glows for a while. No other werewolves have this problem, I wonder why that is...?

No! I've go to keep running! I leg it up to the building and run straight through the door. I slump down the wall, trying to catch my breath.

The End

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