Morna: ...Um... Hey?

Run, just run. It'll be alright then. Trust me, it's all gunna be okay! I repeat over and over in my head, my feet pummeling the ground beneath. My breathing stopped thirty miles back, as a half bloodsucker I have found the need to survive for a short mile without them.

My silvery white hair billows around me like a cape in the movies. My mother is a harpy, some how - just don't ask me how - my dad managed to persuade her not to kill him, and to stay with him. They were killed fifty years ago, together, by hunters.

I haven't found any other people like me, you know, half vampy, half harpy. Life is not fun - well, it is, but not in the conventional way - for me.

A trip encircles around my ankle, forcing me to the ground, my knee a startled yelp escapes. My lungs come back on (so to speak) and hurt so much. Tears spring to my eyes, I rub them away quickly with the back of my hand. I push myself up as fast as I can, grabbing onto the rails around me to pull myself up.

I hobble down the remainder of the road, not hearing anything around me. With them though, you can never know. I turn a few corners, sprint as fast as my newly injured knee will allow. 

The moon stops shining down on me, I look up confused at the building cutting the moon off. I tilt my head to the side and shuffle up (shuffling up because of the increasingly painful knee pain.) to the gate and see a sign with words encrypted across, The Sanctuary.

Huh, I think thoughtfully, I turn around as I hear people shouting and jeering and pelting it to me. No time to hesitate now, Morna. GO!

I push open the gates, slamming them behind me. I am almost about to bang on the door, when it opens in front of me. Not bothering to ask questions, I rush in.

The door slams to a shut behind me.

The End

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