Celestia: Why Oh Why Did I Come Here?

I fly through the closely growing trees, twisting to avoid clipping my wings. A ray of sunlight cut through the thick leaves overhead, making my hair sparkle brighter than it does in the dark.
Great way to tell them where you are, Cel I thought to myself. They obviously think the same because I hear the mechanical buzzing of the electronic wings increase and get louder.
I'm getting tired, machines last longer than people. Suddenly I burst out of the forest and into a huge open space. There's a building in it with the words The Sanctuary.
I land and wait for my pursuers to come but they don't. I run into the building before they find me and run into a girl- vampire- with long black hair and deep violet eyes.
I stop, and notice a Lii'arc standing next to her. God, how long has it been since I met one of them? A few millennia, that's for sure. He has orange hair with red in it and blue eyes. Both of them are staring at me, looking a little shocked. I'm not sure whether it's my sparkling hair, mismatched eyes, the wings I'm making no attempt to hide or simply my unusual entrance that's making them stare.

"Hello, my name is Celestia. I am a Guardian of the gates on the borders of the Universe. Uh, who are you?" I ask, my voice showing my complete lack of socialising skills at the end.

The End

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