I Fall through into the floor, Now I exist as a being that can only walk in floors, I run through the narrow existance avoiding bullets that pierce through the floor.

" Damm they have armour piercing." I mutter and shoot out of the floor taking out a twin semi automatic pistol pair shooting well protected soldiers. I elbow the one beside me and punch a few more out putting the semi automatics back in there holsters.  I melt into the wall and quickly get out of the  facility.  The alarms ringing like a mournful animal.

" Thats for the last 200 years of misery you bastards gave to me, and this is for the times I have nearly died!" I say as the a large part of the facility goes sky high. Apparently real men don't look back at explosions. But epic men look back the explosion and become part of its quick superheated existance.  Before the explosion dies off I part from its existance and the momentum and shock carried me five kilometers away from the facility. In my pockets I carried a trilabyte hard drive.  In the drive was the last 20 years of work on developing technology to find super natural beings, kill, study, and capture.  The greatest thing about it was I stole the only blue prints for some technology that hasn't been built yet

 I shift into a patch updraft in the air and slowly find myself  high into the sky looking over a forest. A sort of home for me, Its been a few years since I decided to leave , the Sanctuary to cease facilities devoted to hunting and killing us. I drop being part of the air and shoot down into the forest canopy, and ungracefully land on my bottom by the house. 

" Ouch!" I wince as get up stiffly my back cracking sending a mixture of pain and relief throughout my body.  I open the door and a vampire nearly falls over from leaning on the door.

" Oh sorry bout that." I say instantly not at all being the seriouse, killling person at all. If I was just human I swear I would never have had problems with humanity.

" You must be new. I'm Zander. Whats your name?"  I say hand out stretched.

The End

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