I saw Sky quickly type something into the phone, then she turned to me and smiled excitedly.

 "You ready to do it without holding my hand?" she said. I wanted to say no not only because I was sort of freaked out about everything, but also for another reason. I then realised that she was still waiting for an answer, so I blurted out the word 'sure' without thinking, before she laughed and skipped toward El and Daffodil, grabbing both of their hands, and telling them to hold on tight. I tried to think of the island, and closed my eyes, concentrating so hard. It took a few tries, and then I was in Rose's room, just in time to watch her get up.

 She stood up slowly, and wiped her eyes with her chubby hands, which she then moved towards me, hoping that I'll pick her up. I lifted her out of her bed, and went to the 'slumber-party' room. Everyone seemed to be downstairs, so I went down to the dining room, finding breakfast on the table. Rose's breakfast considered of chopped up fried egg, chopped up sausages and chopped up fried tomatoes, with toast on the side cut into slits. Someone had made all of her full-English baby sized. They were so nice here. There was even a baby spoon and fork on either side of her plate.

 I had the same, just not chopped up.

 When we had all finished, I got a box out of my backpack. Rose's face was horrified.

 "No, no want indection!" she exclaimed, running straight to Sky.

 "Sorry, Rose. You need it." I said, walking towards her.

 "Me want Sky to do it." She said, pouting. I looked up at Sky.

The End

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