Let's Have Some Fun

It was the middle of the night, hours after Daniel had gone to sleep. I had planned a slumber party of sorts earlier that day with the rest of the kids. After we were sure Daniel was gone to the land of dreams, we went down to the kitchen and brought up all the junk food there was. The party was in my room, since I had the most floor space. The floor was a mess of pillows and blankets, and bags of crisps and gummy bears were open and nearly finished everywhere. Everyone was sitting around the room in a circle, except for Rose, who couldn't even stay up past the first hour. Alex and I both had put her to bed. We had so far exhausted all the party games we knew, including Charades, Telephone, and Truth or Dare. It was hard to suppress our laughter and every now and then, one of us would have to dive our face into a pillow to muffle the noise, which set the rest of us into another bought of giggles. It was about 1 am when the snacks started to run dry.

"Aw." Hayley said, tossing aside an empty bag of barbeque crisps, and pouting out her lips. "My favorite crisps are all gone."
"Well don't get so huffy about it, I'll just go get some more if they're so important." I said standing up.
"But, I thought that was the last bag from the kitchen, wasn't it?" Hayley said tilting her head ever so slightly in confusion.
I was putting on my favorite jean jacket. "Of course it was. But the store should have more of them, right?"
Raiyin perked up to the conversation now. "I didn't know there was a store on the Island."
I rolled my eyes and sighed, becoming impatient. "That's because there isn't one Rai. I'm going to London."

Everyone looked at me with wide eyes then.
"You can't be serious," Alex said, putting down a slice of pizza.
"Sure I am. We're almost out of groceries anyway so I might as well go and pick up some now," I said, fasting my coat.
"But, what if Daniel comes up stairs and you're not here anymore?" Raiyin said, a tone of anxiety in her voice.
"Or, you get hurt while you're out there." Hayley added.
"Look," I said putting my hands on my hips. "I've been out in the city on my own hundreds of times. Daniel knows that. I can handle myself if anyone tries to mess with me. You're forgetting I'm no ordinary human. Though, if you're really that worried, you guys can come along."

I looked at each of them. Raiyin and Hayley were clearly not even ready to entertain the idea, but Alex looked like he might consider it.

I stepped up to where he was sitting on the floor, and looked down at him. "So, what do you think?"

Alex looked back at Raiyin and Hayley, then turned back to me and said slowly, "I'll go with you, only because I don't want you to turn up missing. The girls can stay here and make sure Rose is alright."

I smiled it triumph. Then I waved my right hand in a circle, and a cellphone floated before me in midair. I grabbed it before it could fall to the floor.

"Did you just make that?" Hayley asked excitedly.

I laughed a little. "Nope. I really just like seeing how you guys react."
I handed the phone over to the girls and said, "If you guys start to get worried or Daniel asks about us, just go to the contacts and call me. You don't know what you're missing though," I added in a sing-song voice.

Raiyin looked through the phone's contact list and then looked up and said, "Trust me, I'm perfectly comfortable here. Tell us all about you're little adventure later."

I smiled again. Alex had grabbed his coat from his room and slid it on. I grabbed his hand. He looked down at our hands intertwined awkwardly.

"Do I...do I need to do anything?"he asked, looking up at my face.

"Just think of London. Focus all your attention on the fact that you want to be in London. Then, we should be there."

Alex closed his eyes, then I closed mine as well. As I began to picture London, I could feel Alex's hand vibrating with a magical power in my own. It was faint, but there. Then we were gone from the room, and sitting outside of Big Ben.

The End

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