A new person had been brought to the island. She was very pretty, with light brown hair. She was very pale and had blue eyes like me.  She looked like the sort of person I would've immediately befriended had I been at school.

 Rose was playing in the corner with some building blocks when the 'new girl' came to the beach. She looked a little disorientated at first, but then she stopped at the door, eyeing us, and stood in a familiar karate stance, one I'd used before when threatened. She probably didn't even know she was using the stance. No one else knew what that stance meant.

 "You don't need to fight us. We're not bad!" I spoke up, afraid that she might start attacking everyone. She frowned at me, but relaxed her stance and sat back down on the bed. She kept her eyes on me as she picked up her back, and checked if everything was there.

 "Where am I exactly?" she asked.

 "You're on a magical island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle." I explained.

 "No, really." She said.

 "We're telling the truth. This warlock called Daniel took us in, and he's gonna teach us magic." I said. She seemed sceptical, but said nothing else.

 "So, why did you run away?" one of the people asked. We waited for Hayley's answer.

 "To be honest, I was so sick with the way my father treated me at school. I just had this emptiness inside me when my mother and sister died. Everything made me so...sick; my life, where I lived. Everything, and I wanted to live without it, so I ran, and here I am." She said.

The End

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