Hayley Watkins

I dragged myself home after yet another training session. I was a serious martial artist, training every day but it was taking its toll. I barely noticed that it was pouring rain until my father errupted.

"What the hell do you think you're playing at, getting in at this time?!"

I zoned out quickly, used to his rants and the blows that followed. I fled to my room a while later, while he took out his anger on the walls instead. My limbs shook with exhaustion, fresh bruises appearing on my arms and sides already. I gave a heavy sigh, flicking my light brown hair from my face. My fringe swept across my face, exposing only my right eye, bright blue in my pale face. I let my hair fall over my shoulders and changed into dark skinny jeans and a top that showed off my body. I knew guys tended to like me, I knew they thought I was pretty. I just didn't believe them. I was a quiet person, shy, preferring the company of my iPod than anyone else. I'd earned the nickname 'Ghost' for my silent tendancies. When I did speak, my voice was soft and lilting, a singer's voice. Ever since my mother and little sister died, my father had been a violent man, taking out his greif on me. I had retreated into my own mind, speaking only when absolutely necessary and fending everything else off with a small, sad, smile. My long-sleeved tops hid the scars that marched up my arms with telling regularity. My friends had slowly disappeared, helpless against my silence and I was alone, a ghost of the girl who just a year ago, had shone brightly.

"Erase myself.." The sound of Linkin Park in my head phones gave me a grim kind of satisfaction as the lyrics echoed my actions. I pulled a small pack out from under my bed, crammed with money, some food, water, and a spare set of clothes. Tonight, that was what I was doing. The Ghost was going to vanish.

I slipped out of the front door, a note on my pillow to explain that I would not be coming back. I pulled a hood over my head against the rain and vanished into the darkness, heading for the trainstation.

I was only a block away when a man approached me.

"Hey there, where are you headed?" He seemed friendly.

"Just catching a train." I smiled softly, wanting to move on. A man approaching a 17 year old girl when its dark is not normally a good sign.

"Anywhere special?" He pressed.

I shook my head "Just a trip. Spreading my wings, you know."

I'd said too much to this stranger already.

"I'm Daniel, what's your name?"

"Hayley.." I said hesitantly. "Now, please, I need to go.."

Two large men appeared, making me tense up.

Daniel smiled at me sadly. "It will all make sense soon."

They closed in on me. I remembered getting a few solid hits on them before a sting at my neck took all the strength from my limbs. I never remembered hitting the floor.

When I regained conciousness, I was in an unfamiliar room. Sun was pouring in through a window through which I could see a beautiful beach. A boy and a girl roughly my age were sat there with a younger child playing nearby. I was still dressed in the clothes I had on the night before; dark skinny jeans and a slim-fitting white long-sleeved top. I changed the combat boots I'd worn during the night for some black Converses. After stumbling on the exit, I approached them shyly.

"Erm...hey." They both looked up at me, surprised.

"I have no idea what I'm doing here, or whats going on." I said nervously, the words tumbling out. "But my name's Hayley." I smiled shyly at them. "Can either of you explain what's going on here please?"

The End

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