Getting to Know You

What's that horrendous noise?, I thought to myself, rolling over in my bed, and rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. The sun was up now, but I wasn't ready to greet it yet. I slipped out of my bed and walked over to the door to the hallway, where the sound was coming from. When I opened the door, I saw an enormous old fashioned alarm clock that took up most of the hallway. It was ringing so loudly now that I feared my ear drums might pop.

Our guests were also awakened by the clock, each coming out to see what the commotion was.

"Wha...what in the...?" said Alex groggily. His black hair was a mess. It looked like all he did in terms of sleepwear last night was take off his top layer of clothing, because he stood in his bedroom doorway with nothing but an undershirt and boxers on.

Raiyin cracked her door open just wide enough to peek her head out. "Whoa. Talk about a rude awakening."

Rose came out of her room, rubbing her eyes with her little fists, and clutching onto a tattered old teddy bear. "Awex? What's going on?" she cooed.

I stepped further into the hallway. Shouting over the sound of the alarm, I said, "This is Daniel's doing; his idea of a wake up call."

I then noticed a note placed on the clock. I walked up to it, though the sound was really piercing my ears now, and snatched it off. I then tapped the clock once, and the alarm ceased. Another tap and the clock shrunk down to normal size. My focus then turned to the note.

"Sky," I read. "please have our guests wash up and get dress, then escort them to the dining room for breakfast. And he simply couldn't say this himself because...?"

"So, should we get ready then?" Alex asked, running his fingers through his hair, and ruffling it further.

"Yes, of course. If you don't mind Alex, could you use the bathroom on the next floor? It would make the process faster if we had two people washing up at a time."

"Sure, no problem." he said turning to retreat back into his room.

I turned to Rose, and held out my hand. "Come on Rosie! Let's get you all cleaned up."

Alex turned back then. "Wait, what?" He seemed to get defensive quickly when it came to Rose.

"Well you can't expect her to take a bath by herself do you? Anyway, I'm sure she doesn't want you seeing all her private bits. Do you Rose?" I said.

Rose looked straight at Alex. "You can't see me naked, you're a boy!"

Alex relaxed then. "Alright, fine."

And so we all washed up quickly and got dressed. I helped Rose get dressed into one of my favorite jumpers from when I was around her age. It was just the right shade of blue, and really brought out her eyes. Alex had dressed in a worn out pair of jeans, and a gray T-shirt that was fading. His trainers were old and battered, as if he had them for years. Raiyin put on a simple white tank top, and jean shorts, with black Converse. I put on my jungle green T- shirt and white capri pants, with white trainers.

I led them all down to the first floor and down the hallway to the first room which was the dining room. The table was set with china and silverware that was barely ever used. Daniel was sitting at the head of the table waiting for us patiently.

"Good morning everyone. I hope you all sleep well. Have a seat."

We all shuffled to sit down at the table.

"Hey! Where's the food!" Rose shouted.

"Rose! Don't be so impolite." Alex scolded.

Daniel just laughed. "Ah, but you're right Rose. Where was my mind? Just a moment."

Daniel snapped his fingers and then the platters which had just been empty filled with food. The breakfast consisted of blueberry waffles with butter and syrup, bacon, hash browns, a tropical fruit salad, with pineapple, banana, kiwi, grapes, with shredded coconut sprinkled on top, and fresh squeezed orange juice.

"Wow," the three all said in unison.

"Well don't be shy. Dig in." said Daniel, cheerfully.

So, the next thirty minutes, we were all preoccupied with the feast set before us. I had never seen anyone eat so much in one sitting.

"You know," I said, as Alex went for a third helping of bacon. "it's not going to runaway if you don't eat it now. There will be more food later."

He was in the middle of chewing a bite of bacon, so he swallowed first then said, "Sorry, I guess this does look a bit disgusting."

"Just a little." I said under my breath.

"But, I never got fed this way at home. Most of the time me and Rose were hungry."

"Really?" I asked astonished. "You never even got a big birthday dinner?"

"Well, if you count cigarette ashes as a dinner, then sure." he said, biting off another piece of bacon.

"Oh. Doesn't sound too pleasant." I guess there had to be some reason why he ran away. I just couldn't fathom not having food to eat, though. Daniel had always taken such good care of me. It made me feel even more appreciative towards him.

After we finished our breakfast Daniel suggested that I show Raiyin, Alex and Rose around the beach.

"Also, I'll be having a talk with you later about that briefcase you left down here."

Crap, I thought. I left it by the front door last night.

"I'm looking forward to it Daniel." I said sheepishly.

We left the table, and on the way out the door, I grabbed the briefcase, so I could open it on the beach later. We climbed onto the lift and I lowered it down till we reached the base of the Great Tree. I then directed everyone through the forest to the beach.

"This place is beautiful." Raiyin commented running her fingers through the fine white sand.

"Isn't it? The best is when the dolphins come out to play. You haven't lived until you've ridden on the back of one of those things." I sat down in the sand and placed the briefcase in front of me. Alex and Raiyin sat with me, creating a little circle on the ground. Rose was only a few feet away, making a sandcastle with her hands.

"Right. Wish me luck." I said looking up at the others as I popped the lock off the briefcase. I opened it slowly and then my mouth hung open.

"What? What is it?" Alex said, genuinely concerned.

"Look at that..." I said mesmerized, turning the briefcase around for them to look. It was full of pounds.

"My goodness..." Raiyin said. "Wherever did you get this from?"

"I took it from a man I thought was just some overworked business bloke. I guess the suit wasn't for your average office job. He must have been a drug dealer." I said, picking up a stack of money. "I know just what to do with this. We'll split it and buy ourselves whatever we want."

"Are you sure that's okay? I mean this money isn't even ours," Alex said.

"Well the guy I took it from wasn't doing anything better with it. You need some new clothes don't you? At least a new pair of shoes," I said, lightly kicking his foot.

"Fine, but this was your idea remember."

I stretched out on my stomach and watched Rose add a moot to her sandcastle.

"So, is all this magic stuff anything like what I've read in Harry Potter?" Alex asked.

I giggled, and leaned on my arm to look at him. "Well, surprisingly enough, there are some similarities. Obviously we don't have a Minister of Magic, or a school, or even wands for that matter. There are no magic words for what we do, unless it has to do with a potion or powerful incantation. Our abilities follow the basic rules of nature. We mostly visualize what it is we want to happen, and then will it to happen. You can't make anything out of nothing. Everything comes from somewhere, and you've just misplaced it from its original home. We cannot bring back the dead, but we can heal with our magic. And love rubbish."

"So, no flying brooms, or owl post, or dark lords?" he asked.

 I shook my head. "No brooms or owls. However, there are such things as evil warlocks and witches. But, enough about me. I barely know you guys. Can I get a some kind of background story, since you are staying at my house?"

Alex sighed, and then smiled in a surprisingly attractive way. "Do you have about a half a century?"

I smiled back at him. "Only that much?"

The End

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