Welcome to the Island

We arrived onto the island in an instant. It was dark, with only the moon and the stars providing light. The effect the heavenly bodies had on the reflection of the ocean was dazzling. As the water rippled, the lights twinkled, making the most beautiful picture. The sun had been down for ages, and would not be coming up for a while, so it had grown cold on the beach. The wind was blowing as well, making the palm trees rustle gently. The tide was high so the water hit our feet, chilling me even further to the bone.

I looked to see Daniel helping the others out of the boat. I didn't understand why he felt it so necessary to use it every time he went back and forth between the outer world and the island. I almost just went back and forth as I pleased. As long as I transported to somewhere dark or private, I never had any incidents of getting spotted.

"Oh, would you all hurry up! I'm freezing my bum off over here!" I said losing patience.

Daniel looked at me reproachfully. "Sky, where are your manners? We don't even know their nam-"

"Well, it will take us all of 30 seconds to get to the house, and then we can ask them their names."

"Um sorry, but where-" began the dark haired boy.

"All in good time, chap. However, as Sky has pointed out it is exceedingly cold out here, so we had better head inside first, before explaining. If you'd just follow me."

So we set off up the beach. When we reached the forest Daniel made sure to hold every fern and branch aside for the older girl. I wondered where Daniel found this one from, but there would be plenty of time for questions later. I looked towards the boy and girl. The boy had picked the little one up and let her ride on his back. How I envied him right now. I never had any siblings, and had always wanted a little sister. I would learn more about the little girl when we got to the house.

After a minute or so we reached the Great Tree. Daniel snapped his fingers and the lift he constructed came down in a flash. The others were just looking at it in amazement.

"Well, get on then. It won't bite." I said climbing in.

Daniel and the others climbed on, and we ascended up the tree until we reached our paradise tree house. It wasn't your ordinary tree house. It was much larger in size and actually was made up of three different floors. It had the usual rooms a normal house had. A sitting room, a dining room, a kitchen. There were even washrooms with proper flushing toilets (I had told Daniel, after seeing the washrooms in the outer world, that I didn't want to do my business like an animal any longer a few years ago). The other rooms were multipurpose, though most of the rooms weren't in use. I could change where I wanted to have my bedroom whenever I liked because of this. It wasn't a mansion, but it was home.

The house was warm (magical heating charms, nothing special) and I was greatly appreciative for the shelter. I immediately kicked off my shoes by the door and jumped on one of the couches. I had been out since dusk in London, so I was quite tired.

"Come on in, and have a seat anywhere." Daniel said politely.

They shuffled in and took off their shoes as well, and sat on the other couch. Daniel walked over to the centre of the room, and looked at us.

"Alright, now that we're all settled in- ah, yes Sky?"

I had raised my hand, like I saw the school children do when I looked in the windows of school buildings. "Before you begin on what I suspect to be a dull and drawn out speech, may I ask, where exactly you found this young miss?" I pointed at the teenage girl.

"Well, I helped her. Just as you said you wanted to help these two runaways." Daniel said with a tone of strictness in his voice.

"Right. Please continue." I may have taunted him constantly, but I knew when to back off.

"As I was saying, welcome, each one of you to our home. Before I go any further, let me introduce myself and my companion. I am Daniel. And this cheeky young lady is Sky Gregory. Where you are now is our island, where we live in peace with the wildlife. Now may I ask your names?" Daniel looked at the older girl first.

"Um, Raiyin," she said quietly.

"Beautiful name." Daniel commented, before turning to the boy. This made Raiyin blush.

"I'm Alex."

"And I'm Rose!" exclaimed the little girl.

"My, my, Rose. It must be because your cheeks are so rosy," he said lightly pinching one of her cheeks. She giggled at this. Alex looked a little wary however.

After a lull in the conversation, Raiyin spoke up, asking, "So, what exactly are you guys?"

I was shocked by her directness, but Daniel just chuckled and asked, "Is this an inquiry towards our occupations?"

"No," she said."I mean what kind of things are you. I mean, what you did back there at the pier...with the fire...it didn't even...and then we disappeared like that...it wasn't normal."

"Well, neither of us are normal." I said casually, wishing Daniel would just cut to the chase.

"Sky is right. We aren't normal. Sky is a witch, who I have taught since she was a small child. And I am a warlock."

They all looked at us as though we were mad, but then Raiyin simply whispered, "Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant."

"But...why did you bring us here?" Alex asked, looking at me with those blue eyes of his.

"Well, in truth I really just wanted your little sister," I said, looking adoringly at Rose. "I saw you two at the train station, and couldn't resist coming and telling Daniel. I convinced him to let me bring you back with us, but he insisted on coming along to make sure it went well. Besides, at least you don't have to worry about where you'll sleep for the night. And, I get to play with little Rose, here. Everybody's happy."

"As for me, I didn't plan on picking up an extra," Daniel said to Raiyin. "However, I could tell that you were ready to go through a hard time surviving on your own, so I decided to follow you and ask if you wanted a place to stay. Then those horrid people attacked you, and I knew I had no choice but to help you."

The kids looked in awe. I could see how they could feel like this was some kind of dream. I got up and stretched a little bit. My muscles had gotten sore from that running earlier.

"Well, I know you said we were on an island, but which island exactly?" Alex asked.

"Ever heard of the Bermuda triangle?" I asked with a smirk.

"Sure." Alex said.

"No." Rose squeaked.

I bent down to look Rose right in the face. "It's this little region near the States, where all this freaky stuff is reported. Disappearances of aircrafts, and such."

Alex began to look around him, and his face filled with an expression of understanding. "You mean, this is it? We're in the Bermuda triangle?"

"Exactly." I said, standing upright. "Instead of extraterrestrial activity, there's magical activity. Daniel set up barriers 'round the whole area. Just some precautions if anything flying over us ever caught sight of me practicing one day. If a plane flies too low it goes down and Daniel has to wipe their memories and send them back outside the barrier. Only thing is we can never get them back to where they came from before. Suppose it's for the best though. None of the victims would ever be able to explain how they lost an entire jet, yet inexplicably found their way back home, without a single memory of their journey."

Daniel pulled out his pocket watch. "Well I know it's going to be daylight in only a few hours, but you all must be exhausted from your travels tonight. I'll bunk up for the night myself. Sky, would you show them where they can settle down for the night?"

"Of course. It would be my pleasure," I said, smiling at the three of them.

"Great. Well, I'll bid you all a good night until the morning." Daniel then walked out the sitting room to the hallway that led to his bedroom.

"Alright then, I'll show you all to your rooms." I took Rose's hand and walked up the first flight of stairs with Alex and Raiyin trailing behind us.

The second floor consisted of five rooms. The first room on the right was a washroom, which I pointed out to them. All the others were my various bedrooms. I gave the first room on the left to Raiyin. She entered quickly and quietly. I left her to herself, and showed Rose to her room. It was the second room on the right. I knew she would like this room because it had been my first bedroom when I came to island, and it still contained all my childhood furniture and toys. Alex helped Rose change into her pajamas, tucked her in, kissed her sweetly on the forehead, and said goodnight.

Alex got the only room  left on the floor, the second room on the left. It was suitable and ensured that he could be close to Rose if he wanted to check up on her. I said goodnight to him as he laid down on the bed, closing the door on the way out.

My room was the room furthest down the hall, in the centre. It was one of my favorite bedrooms, because it had a balcony. We were high enough up that you could see over the tree tops to the beach, and see the sun setting. I was quite tired by this time, so I didn't even change into my sleeping clothes, and fell down upon the bed, falling asleep almost instantly.

The End

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