I looked out my window at the  street, my big blue eyes even wider than ever. I was wearing my  favourite blue dress and matching thick blue coat, with a white cardigan and white tights and my favourite blue shoes. I had my jeans, a t-shirt and a thick jumper in my bag along with an umbrella, my favourite storybook, a blanket and some food in my best white rucksack. 

It was late, way past my bedtime, and mummy was snoring in her bed. Plucking Mr. Ted, my favourite white fluffy teddy bear with a blue ribbon around his neck, I snuck down and out of the house. I ran down my road as quickly as possible and then walked slower down the high street, stopping at the coach stop. Then I got out the money I had taken from mummy's purse and bought a ticket. I didn't pay attention to the destination. I just needed somewhere far away, somewhere that noone would think to look for me.

The coach arrived at three in the morning and I climbed on, handed over my ticket and collapsed in a seat, instantly asleep with my arms wrapped tightly around Mr. Ted and my rucksack.. I had done it. 

The End

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