Chapter 2

Robert's face flushed with embarrassment, as the titters of his classmates rose around him.  It was always like this in class, with his classmates enjoying watching him be humiliated by the teacher.  He knew how to do the math problems, but he simply couldn't focus.  There was always something else in his mind, beckoning to his attention, just beyond focus and out of reach.  It wasn't his fault that he couldn't concentrate - where had that note come from anyhow?  As Mrs. Greevy waddled back to the front of the classroom with her voice droning again, he surreptitiously pulled the note out of his textbook and looked at it again.  The paper felt strange - it felt thicker than normal notebook paper and it had a texture similar to that of cloth.  There were no lines on it, and it seemed to be almost a pale yellow in color.  It certainly looked nothing like anything he had ever seen before.  

The writing on the paper was different too.  It seemed that someone had written in a fancy calligraphy script, all with flowing letters and sweeping lines.  Almost like the kind he would expect to see on a graduation invitation.  "If I ever graduate" he thought to himself.  "But first, I have got to get through this class".  Speaking of getting through the class, the bell abruptly rang, shattering his thoughts.  As his fellow classmates started scooping up their belongings and stuffing them into backpacks and bags, a few other students looked at him mockingly.  "Nice going, space head" said one.  That was the nicest of the jibes and mocking insults that he usually got from everyone.  Everyone except Terri, that is.  

Terri was a vision of loveliness, with her auburn hair and her dark, hazel eyes.  At the moment, her eyes were full of sympathy as she gathered her notebook and papers into her arms.  She glided over to Robert's desk  "She didn't have to be so awful about it...the problem was hard for me too!" she said with feeling in her voice.  "She should just leave you alone" she spoke as she pulled a stray hair from her face and hooked it over her left ear.  She studied Robert as he stood up from his desk.  Robert felt her eyes on him and he turned to face her.  As he opened his mouth to reply, Mrs. Greevy's nasal voice cut through the air "Robert come up and see me before you leave" she intoned.  Robert shot Terri a frustrated glance as he closed his mouth, and he turned towards the teacher's desk and started walking towards it, with his backpack dangling from his shoulder.

The End

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