The Ruins of Ral-parthea

This is my very first writing exercise that I am doing as part of a class project. It will start out as a brainstorm, and we'll see where we end up!

As Robert sat in class, he listened to the instructor drone on and on.  He leaned back in his chair with his feet thrust out in front of him and his mind started to wander....back to last Friday night.  Something very strange had happened that night and he still didn't know what to make of it.  As the teacher's voice buzzed in the background, Robert began to consider the note that had been slipped under the door to his room

The fire grows hot, the time grows late and there is no recourse to be found in the land."

"What could it mean?" he mused to himself.  "Who put it under my door?  I would have heard someone in the hallway..." his thoughts continue to revolve around the mysterious note.  He suddenly noticed that the teacher's voice had stopped.  He looked up directly into the spectacled face of Mrs. Greevy.  "Is there a problem young man?" she inquired in a sharp, nasal voice.  Mrs. Greevy tapped the desk in front of him "How would you answer question #4?" she asked using that nasal voice of hers. Robert fumbled quickly for an answer "ummm...." he replied as the words on the page swam in front of him.  "That's what I thought" stated Mrs. Greevy as she stood upright and began to walk away from his desk.

The End

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