Caitlyn: My Talent

The rain has stopped but the clouds are still there. Dark and gloomy looking. However, after trying to sleep for a while, my spirits have revived and I've started to explore.

Okay, so the castle is built on a mound above the forest. I've climbed up the main tower as far as I could go to have a look and I can't see anything on the horizon. It's like I'm in a different place entirely. I didn't think they had forests like this in England any more.

After going as high as I could, I decided to journey down to the edge of the forest. The thick fog has backed away slightly now but it's still dark. I wish I could make some sort of fire to see through it. I spent ages staring into the mist which hung near the farthest trees I could see. For some funny reason, I felt like the mist was watching me.

I think I might be going crazy.

I saw eyes in the mist.

Like proper eyes. Well, not proper. They were animal like, snake like and red. I suddenly felt true fear, the kind that shivers up your spine and freezes up your whole being. 

Then something truly weird happened.

I was standing there, and suddenly something pushed out from me. The trees shivered as this thing hit them and the eyes disappeared. The mist was even pushed back beyond my eye sight.

I know it may sound weird, but I think I have a power. I've been testing it on pieces of rock. I can push them away if I concentrate. Like I have a shield.

I stare out at my lonely surroundings. What I wouldn't give for another person to be here. Someone to prove I'm not crazy.


The End

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