I think I may be lost. At least, I'm pretty certain I haven't seen this place before.

The trees have become much denser than I thought they were before. I can't hear Trish's barking anymore. That worries me. But she could just be too far ahead. I better call her.


No reply.

Where am I? The trees here are a lot darker. A white mist is seeping around my feet and I think I just heard a wolf call.

"Trish?" I call out again. My voice sounds small and scared. No. I won't be scared. I refuse to be. I walk on purposefully ahead. The trees lean over me and I can almost imagine they have faces on their gnarled trunks. I start to run. I need to run. I can feel my heart beat getting faster as my mind whirls with new information. I'm certainly not in the woods at home. What's going on? I keep running forward. I fall over, get mud on my jeans, get up again and keep running. I can feel something behind me.

I think something's chasing me.

That brings fresh panic. I need to get away. It begins to feel like I'm running uphill. The trees are getting thinner. Yes! I'm running out of this nightmare.

Only, when the trees fall away, I realise I'm not at home. This new place is bleak. Rain is falling from the sky and I am almost instantly soaked. I've gone the wrong way. I turn around to go back and then I see. There's something in the shadows. I can't see it, but I know it's there. I back away. The shadows are getting nearer. I know that can't be right, but they are. They're getting closer and closer. I run up the hill. I don't turn away to check what's going on.

At the top of the hill is a ruin. I stop, gobsmacked. There are no ruins where I live. Slowly I turn around. There's no shadow there anymore. Something flashes across the sky. A thunder clap resonates around the hill. I need to find somewhere safe.

One of the buildings of the ruin is still standing. I run in there. There is only some shelter, some planks of wood that, although old, look slightly newer than the rest of the place. As though someone has placed them there to make half the tower into a kind of shelter. I stand against the wall and slide down it, pulling my knees to my chest. This morning I was just Caitlyn Moore, the quiet girl at the back of the class. Now , I don't know where the hell I am.

I can just imagine the slight of me. A small dark haired girl with mud all up her jeans with a denim jacket that barely keeps out the cold. I feel the cold tugging at my core. Fear creeps up my spine. I look out at the rain dripping off the makeshift roof. I won't let this beat me. I'll stay here to the rain stops but then I'll find a way out. I'll be fine. I can be strong enough.

The End

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