The Ruin

Ok, so, up on a hill in England stands the ruin of a castle. Somehow, no one has ever found it. Maybe it's the thick trees that surrounds it, or the fact that it always seems to be raining there, but there are no tourist centres there, no one has ever visited there before. Until, one day, people start turning up. Children seem to be mysteriously drawn here. They're not sure whether they have gone back in time or if this place really does exist. The first one to arrive is Caitlyn, a sixteen year

The sky here is iron grey. From its dark clouds falls showers upon showers of rain. When it doesn't rain,the clouds stay thick so rarely sun reaches down to the sodden grass. Upon this bleak horizon stands a castle. Or what used to be one. A squat tower still exists and the reminder of a wall here and there but most of the rooms are reduced to knee height. Moss builds up its sides but it stands stoidly on, as though waiting for something, like an arrival.

At the bottom of the hill upon which the ruin stands is a dense fog. Within that fog is dark forest where wolves creep and the only birds are hunters. Through this fog many will come. The castle will open up and the children will bring a new life.

But something will be waiting for them in the fog. And the children will have to face more than they thought possible.

Add your character, describe their talent then join as the children fight the monster beyond the boundaries of the ruin. They have all been chosen because of their talents so make it good.

The End

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