Kladren: Rick and Claro

What the.  .  .  .  . 

What the hell is with this island?

"Who are you?" I felt something long, thin and sharp against my neck. A knife?

"Leave him alone!" Tora threw herself at a guy, who I couldn't see.

I sighed. "My name is Kladren, and the girl attacking your friend is my twin sister, Tora. We ended up on your island entirely by accident, I swear. We have a rowboat, and we can leave tonight if this your territory or- Tora!"

The man sighed, and pulled a machette away from my neck. Why a machette . . .?

"Call me Rick. Sorry about your sister, but I guess Claro was getting too much of a fight. Anymore and Lily would've tried to eat her. But, there's no harm done, lad-"

"Klad. " Uh, only Tora calls me Klad. "-ren. Kladren. But, whatever. continue."

"Yes, yes. Now, there's no harm done to your sister, Kladren, she should be alright in a few minutes. Do you the two of you have a place to stay?" He helped me stand. Seems to be a gentleman of some sort.

I felt releif washing over me in large waves. Friendly, just protective.

"Ah, no, sir, we've only just arrived. yesterday, in fact-"

Oh, Lord, please, no. Not now.

I just felt myself hit the ground. My head was pounding, but I saw. . . .


Elena, and others I didn't recognize.

How did I know her name, anyway. . . . .

Something was wrong. Everytime I missed a beat, missed a fragment, the pounding grew.

So this is how it feels to have the gift of sight. . . .

He has the Gift of Sight. He won't admit it.


We'll take him to Pixel. She may know of a way to help him.

The monsters closed in on them. . .

everything went black.

The End

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