Kladren: problems

We hid and watched. Become Immortal? You could do that?

They walked away. Tora and I crept away.

Remarking my exact thoughts, Tora whispered to me, "This is one messed up island."  I sighed at her comment. That's the trouble with being a twin, if you don't comment, they will.

"Yeah, but you never know. They didn't sound like they were joking. Wanna take a chance at finding something to eat?"

Tora groaned. "You mean I have to cook for you?"

I rolled my eyes. My sister was never suited for the outdoors. "Tora we have to find it first."

A look of horror spread over her face. "You mean you going to take me hunting. Me, Klad. I don't forage."

I laughed. "Well, you're going to have to start foraging. I learned a lot about this stuff, just in case  the ship got wrecked. From the caption and his son, that is." Tora winced. So she does feel guilt over it. . . .

Later on that day, after teaching the basics of foraging and hunting to tora, We were actually on the verge of tracking something when. . . . .

Something odd happened.

Something, or someone for all we knew, was attacking me.

What is with this island?

The End

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