Elena; Dismay

I already saw her on her way back, but I yelled for her anyway.

"PIXEL!!!" I shrieked in dismay. I cursed like a sailor under my breath more than once; was she trying to get her and Tovek killed?!

"Elena." She greeted me cautiously.

"Come on, Pix! You guys could have gotten killed!"

"But we didn't." She reminded me softly.

"Yeah, well, you could have. Tovek, I know you're back there, I'm not only going to snap at her. You do have your fair share of blame." I snapped.

He came around the trees silently.

"Honestly, we don't have time for yelling. Even though I want to really badly. We have to finish the elixir today, and we have to've drank it before midnight tonight."

"What more do you need?" Tovek asked calmly, unphased by my terrible mood.

"The elixir requires the water of the ocean, the sand of the beach, a leaf from a ginko tree, the juice of two lemons, two seeds of a chilli, and a single drop of human blood." I listed off from memory.

"That sounds... Rather basic. I was half expecting frog eyes and animal teeth."

Tovek's joke fell flat. "I'm a Healer, not a witch."

"We have the sand and ocean already, of course. And we found the lemons yesterday and we have access to the blood. All we have to find are the pepper and the ginko leaf." Pixel listed off everything we had found before dusk yesterday.

"We'll have to split up. No lovey-dovey-ing while on the job, you two. I'm keeping an eye out for anything and everything, so don't think I won't see it. Save it for when you're immortal." I ordered. "Tovek, you take the southeast side of the island. Pix, southwest. I'll cover as much of the north as I can, and if one of you finishes their part early, come help. We only have til sundown to make it; it has to rest before it can be drank."

We split up in our different directions, none of us making so much as a sound.

The End

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