Pixel: Sunlight

I wake up to the sunlight shining through my eye lids. I open them and gaze up at the beautiful sky.

"Good morning" Tovek whispers. I smile and look up at him.

"Morning" I whisper. "One sec, Ingero"

I search for Elena's mind and find it. She's awake and is having a vision. I enter her thoughts

Pixel stands there and so does Tovek and me. We are all immortal..... But so is the creature in front of us. This is going to be a long fight and I painful one.

I gasp. Well, it's changed so we don't die.... but what creature could be so bad....

"Are you okay?" I look up and Tovek and shake my head pulling him closer, sort of hiding against his chest.

"I love you" I whisper then look up to kiss him. I pull back and jump out of the tree landing perfectly.

I know the sunlight is shining on my skin and I smile at Tovek as he lands beside me.

"Let's hunt" I say smiling pulling out my knife. I watch him smile to runnign to grab his bow and rejoining me.

The End

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