Yaeri; The Noise

There is too much noise here.

I am in shadow. Beach is ahead. A big monster rests there. Not living monster, different monster. Not living.

I don't want to go into the sunlight. But behind me is the noise. Constant noise from new two legs.

I will find them and stop them making the noise. That will work. I will stop the noise and then the animals will come back and then I can hunt again. Small animals don't like two leg noise and I can't hunt if there are no small animals.

And I'm scared.

There is not just two leg noise. There is deeper noise. Deeper noise of bigger creature. Very big creature. Creature hiding in the woods. I don't like it. Don't like its smell, don't like its noise.

I will find the two legs, stop them making the noise and then find normal two legs and make them stop the bigger creature.

Normal two legs always have the answer. They will help.

The End

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