Claro: Fight

"Lily, don't attack." I whispered. "There's too many of them." The creatures circled, coming closer and closer.

Anger. Fierce. Attack.

"No, Lily!" I shouted, as my beloved lepoard launched herself at them. Snarls of fury came from all of them. Rick went towards them, machete in hand. Suddenly his arm went down, straight into one of them. The blade was bloody when he drew it out, but a smile of victory spread itself across his face.

I grabbed my own dagger from my boot. It would not last long against the creatures, but it felt good to have a weapon in my hand. I also had my hands, and strength. One came away from a fight with Lily, it's fur stained with blood. It limped, too.

I jumped at it, grabbing it's neck with my hands. It threw me off, but I managed to grab it by the leg. Yelping, the creature went down on the ground. I took my dagger from between my teeth and slit it's throat.

I threw the limp body off of me, and went to help Rick fight the rest of them. Soon they all lay dead around us. I went to where Lily lay. Down on the ground, I felt all over her. She lifted her head weakly, and whimpered.

"Broken foot, lots of scratches, some deep, some not." I said, as Rick looked over my shoulder. "You're going to be okay, girl."

Concern. Pain. Gratitude.

"I'll have to take her to our tree house, where I have some poultices that I can put on her."

"I'll come." I pulled Lily into my arms, and started walking towards the tree house. When we got there, Rick whistled. A long staircase ran around the base of the house to a platform that stood high above the ground. It was large, imposing, and painted with an eccentric assormant of plant- derived paints.

"Come on up," I said. "I wouldn't have you eaten by more of those things without me watching."

The End

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