Olivio: Cliff fall

I was extremely lucky to not be eaten on this highly predatory island. But I was unlcuky cause that heavey presence was still making it hard to move and live. But I haf gathered the energy to get up.  But I got up to quicky and a massive headache. Insued.

" Jarag!"  I yelled nonsense in pain.  I hated this every movement took to much effort. It was like living took to much. I must be sick with something I thought. 

There should be a hut and if i remember there was a healer there. I made my way to the cliff area to look for firelight.  It wasn't a far walk from where i had gotten up from. There was 4 fires 2 on the beach, 1 on the right handed part of the island and on 1 on the right. which way was the hut? Then suddenly the rock i stood on crumbled. I went with it. In a moment of desperation I grabbed the ledge only to feel moss.

"Nooooooooooooooooo!!" I yelled as the moss gave away. I began to fall. As I slammed into the beach I blacked out. I was going to bleed out if someone didn't help me.

The End

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