Kladren: Who are you?

We were searching. Somehow, we got lost.



"Think we'll ever finish this treasure hunt?"

"It's not a treasure hunt, it's a mystery. A treasure  hunt is different, because you know what you're looking for. We don't."

"Oh." This silenced Tora for a few moments.

We wandered around for a while longer, then i noticed that someone had made a camp in the exact spot where we had ended up. I hoped now one was there. . .



"Think we'll get back to the Brightwood's Journey to make amends?"

"No. Now find a confortable spot, we'll rest here and find our way back to the beach in the morning." I managed to reignite the fire that the person had made.


"Now, Tora. Go to sleep."

She sighed. "You haven't felt civil towards me ever since we left the ship. Jerk."

At least she settled down.

Just then, I looked up, and by the light of the fire, I saw a figure. A very pale one.

"Hey!" I jumped up. Good thing Tora falls asleep fast.

She looked at me with surprise.

"Who are you?" I demanded, realising that we had said it in unison just after I asked.

She didn't answer. Just turned and fled.

The End

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