Tovek: Love

And what a night it was, I’d grabbed her in my arms, jumped up to the camp I’d made, I couldn’t let Elena see us, to my flat branch, she looked at the pictures, saw some crude images of her.

“I don’t look like that!” she pointed out.

I hung from a branch above, held out my arm for her to grasp, pulled her up with me, gave her a quick peck on the lips and climbed higher, till we reached the top.

We were above the clouds, we could actually see the moon, see the stars painting our names on the deep, purple sky. The forests like a green carpet underneath us, the sea crashing against the shore, the mountains high and strong, but nothing was better than her iridescent skin, so soft and luxurious, her hair like velvet.

I gave her a particularly long kiss, “I’ve never felt love,” I explained, “I wouldn’t know, but if you felt what I felt, you couldn’t, I’m not like you, you’re out of my league, but I do, I think I love you and-“ this time she shut me up, we spent the night in the canopy, never sleeping, glued together in an eternal embrace, not caring about anything or anyone other than each other.

The End

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