Tovek: Temptation

I spent as much time as I could to amuse myself, I sat high in a tree, leaning against the trunk on a thick, flat branch.  Had my bow hanging off the edge, rope, wood and leaves and began making a series of traps and plans scratched into the bark.

Once I had that done, I moved around the clearing below, adding trip wires, hoops to grab people and a net of rocks to fall on an intruders head. All this took me about an hour.

I then started building a small shelter, just a few branches holding up large palm leaves with a small pit for a fire. This took just half an hour. I went fishing with a handmade fishing rod and caught little, but managed to fall face first into an angry starfish that clutched onto my face.

I started to go crazy; I went hunting but did not take my bow. I was angry, suppressed emotions do that, I found a large white wolf-like creature and wrestled with it. I got a huge slash across my bare chest and when I’d finished by breaking its neck, I cooked the meat. The stinging made me miss Elena, wondered what they were doing, and that brought a flood of emotion about her.

Of course my mind kept wandering to her, but I dismissed it, thought of something that needed doing, but when you leave the gate open too long, it’s too hard to shut it all back. I curled up in a ball, the fire providing no warmth, the food providing no sustenance, the sleep restless and haunted.

I had to see her.

It was once more night time, the clouds rolling across an empty sky. All was silent and it took me an aeon to find the hut, like Fate was trying to stop me.

But I did, and it was empty.

I entered, found a patch of deep shadow that made me invisible and waited.

Again it seemed to take forever for her to come, but when she did she was alone.

I nearly gave myself away, almost gasping; I hadn’t seen her radiant skin glow so beautifully before, nor her hair swing so hypnotically, nor her walk so elegant, this was all I wanted to do, just see her.

So I should go, that was easy, just jump over the rail and hide after the noise right.

“Hello Pixel…” she saw me, and her face flashed a thousand feelings, mainly anger, “I shouldn’t be here, I don’t know why I came, it seems stupid now, I’m jeopardising our lives but…”


“If I see you, be with you, you will die, we all will, but you know what?” her face was furious at my apparent lack of care about her life, how I left things, the hate was obvious, but I was not smiling either, rather grimacing, “I’d rather have one very short life-time with you than wait for an eternity, isn’t one life time enough?”

“YOU-!” I grabbed her before the insult could come, kissed her ravenously, pushed her against a post. She moaned in pain and tried to push me away. I held on but stopped, “you don’t want this?” I asked, gasping for breath.

“No…yes…I, you left things in such a mess, I don’t know what I feel anymore, I-“

To shut her up I kissed her again, she kissed me back, it was enough, I don’t care if we died, it felt like a dream, being in this moment, as the fireflies danced around our head and the heat of her fire warming us up, it was worth it. This time nothing would interrupt us.

The End

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