Kladren and Tora: Missing link. . .i think?

We finally managed to row to shore.

Once the boat was pulled in so that the tide couldn't get it, I noticed a glint in the sand.  Picking it up, I saw that it was a shell, polished by the sea washing over it. Turning it over, I see something, a mark. El  n

What? Maybe it's a name; who knows?

Just then. . . .Oh, Gods, no. Not again.

I can see again, but it's not Tora eyeing the quiet, serene beach.

It's a girl. . . .a beautiful girl, talking with another slightly-strange-looking girl inside a hut. It's around a bend just out of sight. . . .


The name is clear as a bell. . . .

"Klad! Kladren, are you listening? Wake. up. NOW!"

"Huh?" What happened?

"It's the Sight, isn't it? I knew it! You have a gift! What did you see?"

"I didn't see anything, I just need some water." I began to look for the bend I saw. Tora can't understand. The Sight has been hurting me ever since we got off the ship. No, it was before that. There are too many missing links this time. No more mysteries for me after this. . . .

The End

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