Rick : Claro

"Why would you say something like that?" Rick asked Claro. "I mean, that's barbaric. Well, maybe not, considering you're a different species. What are you, anyway? I know you sniffed me out. Not that you caught me unawares, but that's not something i've seen a lot. So, what exactly are you?"

To this, Claro replied, "I do not know much about myself. I don't know the name of my tribe. I just know that my people, including me, of course, are immortal. And as to why i would like to watch you die a brutal death, I detest humans, maybe that's why."

"Alright, that's fair. How come you know nothing about yourself?"

"They're all dead, as far as I know"

"I'm sorry to hear that. And i'm sorry to hear that you hate humans. We're not all that bad, you know. I'm just caught in a fix, so I might seem strange to you. I've been here far too long, and all alone. Are you an inhabitant or do you come from somewhere else?"

"Well , I live here now in my tree house. Look, no offense, but I still don't trust you. Hey, i'm hungry. What do you eat? I'll get some snake for myself. I believe Lily's already had her meal for now.", said Claro. For some reason, she did not care to tell Rick about the telepathic link she shared with her pet.

"I'll get fruits. Is Lily your leopard. She's a magnificent creature. So tell me more about yourself. Look, I get the feeling that you're obviously a predator. but you mean no harm. Is it all right if I stay here with you for a while. It's been a while since i've had any company."

"Yes, all right."

Suddenly Rick heard come crackling leaves, disturbingly loud in the cold stillness, and very close. He stood up, taking his blade out, wondering if something was hunting them, or him. It might even have been the two men, following him. He stared into the bushy blackness with rapture. So did Claro, alerting Lily at the same time. All of a sudden, a pair of red eyes appeared in the bushes, staring back at them intently. Rick crouched slightly, taking stance if anything pounced at him, saying to Claro, "Stay back, I don't know what this is. It might be dangerous."

Claro was about to admonish him for thinking she can't take care of herself but just then, out of nowhere, wobbled out a strange creature. It's yellow-green hide gleamed in the rays of the sun as it was hobbling on its way slowly over to the trio standing in front. It looked sick, or so Rick thought, looking at some patches in its skin and its half-closed eyes. However, there seemed to be a rather dark, sinister look about it. As it drew closer, it wasn't hobbling about anymore. It walked on its four legs with the pride and strength of a great cat. It seemed as though as it was circling them.

And then all too soon, there were three more more. And now they did indeed begin to circle them, Rick half-crouched, machete in his hands, Claro standing straight at his back, with a wicked smile on her face and Lily the leopard, standing by her mistress, snarling away at the strange creatures.

What would happen now? It seemed as though a fierce battle was about to commence.

The End

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