Pixel: Never

I kept my eyes slits as I watched Tovek pick up his bow......

"Pagato" The bow flew across the room but when Tovek looked at me he just saw pain.

"Pixel.... are you awake?" he whispers.

I don't say a word and just watch as he shakes his head. Hmm, I'm a convicing actress.

Tovek was trying to leave. I knew it.

He was leaving cause I was gonna die. The image flashed in my mind and I wanted to scream but I didn't.

Elena hadn't wanted me to see it but being a Voicer it was easy to find out the truth. She didn't even know I knew.

Tovek went over and tried to pick up his bow. "Pagato" I whisper and watch the bow fly across the room.

"Okay, Pixel I know you're awake" Tovek shouts turning to look at me.

I stayed silent and watched as he walked over to kneel down next to me. He kisses my forehead lightly.

"I'm sorry" he whispers then gets up grabs his bow and leaves.

I don't stop him this time but Elena was right. I do now hate him.

My heart aches and lurches. "Ingero" I whisper and touch Elena. Then I see nothing.... nothings changed. I'm still going to die.... for Tovek.

The End

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