Tovek: Dreams of Forewarning

The moment she said those words I dreamt once more of Ava and I flying, the wave in the distance, then we fell to the ground. The image changed and Pixel was underneath me again, only this time we smiled at each other, still laughing, and then I kissed her head, moved my face down to look at her, noses touching, she closed her eyes, her fresh breath tickling my face. I kissed the side and hollow of her neck, breathing along it and kissed her chin, her nose.

"You keep missing," she teased. Then I kissed her lips, she reacted, her hand gripping my hair, mine touching her neck, I felt something new, pure passion, the fire in the centre making me hot, my tunic drenched with sweat, she rolled me round.

The scene changed again, I could see  nothing, I was drifting away. then I heard her voice, she shouted "Elena!" but I was dying.

"Pixel," I forced my mouth to smile.

"No stay with me!" she hit my stomach.

"Pixel, my story is ending..."

"But Elena-"

"It's time for you to pick it up, get him, kill him, he will destroy us all, destroy you... we cannot have that,"  I tried to raise my arms, touch her face, she grabbed my hand, placed it on her cheek.

"Oh and Pixel, about that kiss, I did enjoy it," I used all my remaining strength to lift myself up and kiss her as passionately as my rapidly deteriorating body could.

"But I cannot lose you!" her voice shook.

"Don't cry, that's not like you."

As she spoke, my mind drifted and I once more saw my Ava, flying around the beautiful blue meadow of my homeland.

Maybe death wouldn't be so bad.

Then I heard a voice, his, This is your fate, you will die, they all will.

I finally began to wake and at that moment, felt a presence in the room.

“Hush,” she muttered, “I  have seen the future, not like my normal ones, you and Pixel, you cannot be together, it will only lead to death-“


“Tell me, what do you hear?” I listened, but heard nothing, just us breathing.

“Nothing,” I shrugged.

“Exactly, no bird twittering, owls hooting, no frogs and insects chirruping, no streams through the hills nor wind whistling through the trees, it is the calm before the storm, focusing on each other, your senses are numbed to what is happening, you nearly died because of her, she nearly died because of you, next time you won’t be so lucky.”

“What am I supposed to do?”

“I don’t know, tell her it’s not working, tell her you don’t love her, tell her you need to leave, just... be careful,” she frowned at the futures flashing through her mind.

“What about you?” I asked.

“I have places to go, ruins with hidden secrets, and a person... like me!” then a look of serene happiness crossed her face, “oh but he is beautiful,” then she returned, “we will not meet for some time.” She walked towards the door.

I made up my mind.

She stopped at the door, sighed and turned around, “she will hate you, you know,” I nodded gravely, she smiled sadly, then disappeared.

I had to do it now, I stood up, took of my tunic, my body full of scars, then put on my brown pleated kilt, I thought she was watching, but her eyes were closed when I turned round.

I had to do it... man this was gunna hurt, alot.

The End

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