I ran through the forest. Not away from anyone, but for fun. My pet lepoard, Lily, bounded beside me. I got a feeling from our mental link. Hunger. She doesn't use words, rather just feelings. But she can understand me.

"Sure, Lily. I'll get myself some food. Let's meet at the tree house by the ocean in a while."


We ran in different directions, her inland to get a nice, big stag, while I went to get a nice snake steak. I got closer to the ocean, where snakes are often easier to catch. I am not harmed by their poison, because I am immortal. I do not know what my kind are called, but the rest perished long ago. There is only one poison that can kill us, holly. And holly does not grow on this jungle island.

I got to the beach, and found it in disarray. Pixel was there, as well as Elena. I knew them both, having watched them before. But having dark skin, hair, and eyes, I go unoticed. I do not want to be seen by anyone. I do not like people.

But there was also a few others. Human, by the scent. I hated it. But before I could disappear into the forest again, someone asked me, "Who, and what, are you?" But their voice came not from the beach, which I was swiftly backing away from. I was now in the cover of the forest.

"My name is Claro, and I don't know what I am. Who are you? I don't see you."

"My name is Rick." A man stepped from behind a tree. I whirled around, but before I could run he grabbed my wrist. "Don't run. I'm not going to hurt you, but I don't want you slitting my throat, so I want to know if you pose any danger to me."

"I'm not dangerous. Let me go!" He did, and I, for some reason, stood there. "I live on this island. I don't like people. Good-bye." I started running away, but he was fast! He was quite near, but them stopped.

He started walking off. I followed him at a distance, wondering at what a strange thing he was. Suddenly Lily bounded beside me. She was upset because I had not come to our tree house earlier.


"Sorry girl." I said. "But come with me. The strangest creatures have just gotten here." He got close to the beach, but sat on a rock a safe distance from where the ones on the beach might see him.

"Snakes live here, and it would be best for you if you found a safe place to hide." I said. He didn't jump, but nodded. I sat on a log not far from him. Then I thought of a better thing to say, and, quite contradicting myself, I said it.

"I don't trust you." I said. "But for some reason I feel inclined to watch you be killed by snakes and wild animals. It should be most enjoyable."

The End

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