Olivio: Its seems familiar.

Crash the Island shook in fear. Then a heavy but familiar presence made me feel sick.  What is this? I thought on my hands and knees panting.  Then I heard screaming , yelling , and other types of rukus.  I get up as weak as I felt a ran towards it. I needed to know what was going on.

I reached the origins of noise A blue haired girl was kissing the forehead of a man.

My knees buckled from the heavey presence.  Now on the ground I said " What is going on? This presence i've felt it before." I said weakly.  

then flashbacks of a burning city, large waves crashing onto the outside of city. there where screams.  Then everything returned to present. My head throbbing with pain i curled into a ball. "Its happening agian." I said not even know what i was really talking about.

The End

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