Kladren and Tora

A rowboat.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere, with my twin sister. In a freaking rowboat.

We were on a ship. A pretty nice one, too. But as usual, one of us had to do something drastic.Something like schmoozing the captian's son just so that we could get a stupid piece of paper, which probably doesn't even exist anymore. If the ship hasn't been incinerated by now, I'll be surprised.

This time, it wasn't even my fault. All I did was lose the paper, while Tora had to go and break the poor guy's heart into a billion pieces.

He was my best friend!

So now I, Kladren, am stuck with my twin sister, in the middle of nowhere. In a rowboat.



"What now?" I asked bitterly. I've been angry wiht her ever since we left the ship.

"It's land. I can see land, Kladren, finally! Look!"

The End

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