Rick : First encounter

The two men, Ren and Rodger were sitting on the beach and talking. Rick had already been observing for quiet a while now. He had no intentions of killing them, of course, just getting to know of their plans.

His plan was rather crude, but he thought it must work, given that he had the natural territory on his side. He picked up a small stone and chucked it hard at Rodger, hitting him in the chest. Then, once both men were startled, standing, looking for the source of whoever threw the stone, he threw another at their feet, making sure they saw where it came from. Then he climbed up a tree and hid himself.

The men came slowly, with swords out. The one called Ren had a rather beautiful one. He must be a warrior or a noble-man. But what were they doing in these parts? As soon as they crossed his tree, Rick jumped down. Ren and Rodger turned back, raising their swords but Rick Rodger's out of his hands, pulled him towards himself and threw him to the ground and immediately knelt on top of him with his machete at Rodger's neck, ready to strike if necessary.

Ren shouted, "Let him go right now"

Rick replied, "Calm down man. I just want to talk. My name's Frederick, Rick for short. I have been stranded on this island for nearly a year. Who are you and how did you come by this place? Why'd you blow up your ship? I was aboard it. I was going to escape."

To this Ren replied, "How do I know you're not a pirate? Unhand my man here and then maybe we'll talk."

Rick said, "We talk my way or you die. Your choice"

Unholstering a gun, Ren said, "Leave him right now"

Rick didn't wait for a shot. There was no shot. He got Rodger onto his feet acting as if he was giving up. Then he suddenly pushed him hard into Ren and ran back into the cover of the trees. He knew he'd meet them again, pity it didn't go so well the first time.

The End

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