Rick : Thoughts and plots

Rick swam towards the dreaded shore once more. He had truly thought that his way out was finally here. But this was terrible. His only way out was destroyed. He was destined to stay here forever, and die alone, or so he thought.

He reached the shore quickly and swiftly hid amidst some brambles, peeking at the two men getting off a longboat. He now recognized them as the ones being addressed as Ren and Rodger. But weren't they part of the crew of the very ship they burnt down? What kind of devilry was this? Was it mutiny? It didn't seem to be. They couldn't possibly have made the snakes do what they did, that was the island's attribute. All of this was baffling Rick, who was already disconcerted enough, having lost any thoughts of escape.

Maybe it was time for to meet them. At least in his own way. He needed to know their plan of action. It could be crucial to his survival, maybe even to an escape. Who knows? A glimmer of hope came back to him. Maybe they were the key. The one called Ren looked like a graceful man, with what looked like eastern clothing, but not the kind Rick had seen on his seafaring travels. This man was different, seemed nobler. Maybe he had a higher purpose. He had to meet them, but warily. The beginnings of a plan started hatching in Rick's mind.


The End

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