Elena; Help

Pixel left my side quickly when we both heard Tovek's scream.  I stayed where I was for the moment, catching my breath, trying to protect my mind from that awful burning state.

My eyes closed of their own will anyways; Pixel was kneeling next to Tovek, who was barely breathing.

"ELENA!!!" Pixel screamed for me, and I was already almost halfway there.

"Pix, you take care of the creep; I can't do anything to him. I'll try to help Tovek. No promises, but I'll do my best." I spoke calmly, and even to me my voice dripped with the sorrows of death.

She nodded at me, and continued to speak her word that caused the odd water man pain.

"Tovek, c'mon, let me help you sit up..." I used my knee to help him remain sitting up. I placed my hands against his chest, the place that needed the energy the most, and concentrated on letting the yellow light flow from me to him.

A slow stream of water started to pour out of his mouth, soaking both him and me. I didn't care though; I just wanted to save him.

"Tovek, can you hear me?" I spoke slowly. "Nod if you can hear me, Tovek."

His head moved a little, his eyes remained closed.

"Tovek, was that a nod? If it was, do it again." I focused on making the light fill his lungs, making him able to breathe, pushing out the water.

His head nodded a tiny bit more, water coming out at a steadier, faster pace, until there was none coming out at all.

"Tovek, can you speak? Can you breathe? C'mon, Tovek, talk to me." I still focused on the light, trying to fix any ailments he might have.

"El..." He whispered the first syllable of my name so quietly that I hardly heard it.

"Tovek, did you speak? I could not hear you. Please, please let me know if you're alright." I begged him.

"Lena." He spoke the rest of my name, volume a little bit louder.

"Tovek! Do you need anymore help? Are you okay? Can you open your eyes? Can you move?" I asked frantically, my words rushing together.

"I'm.... fine... Lena..." He breathed. He opened his eyes, and placed a hand on one of my arms.

"Oh thank God." I gave him a hug.

I looked over to Pixel, noticing that she was nearly out of breath from repeating the word over and over. I took advantage of my camouflage and snuck up behind the creep, and tackled him to the ground.

"Pix! Do you have a word that will take care of him permanently? I won't be able to keep this hold long!"

Waiting for her to reply, I tried something I wouldn't have tried on anyone else. Instead of focusing on the pale yellow light, the Healing light, I focused on one that was blood red, making it flow into Sidion. He writhed beneath me.

"Hurry, Pix!"

The End

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