Pixel: Tovek!!!!

I tackled Tovek out of the water and turned crouched to growl at Sidion.

He cursed slightly. "You would be much better with out him, nymph always are" he says smiling.

"I'm not a nymph moron" I say pulling out my dagger and leaning over Tovek protectively.

"Really then what are you?" he asks.

"I'm an Elven. Avolvo" I shout he goes flying into a tree and yelps in pain.

"What the flip you doing?" Sidion shouts. "Ouch, my head hurts"

"Avolvo" I hiss again and he punches himself.

"Stop that" He shouts. I hiss it coming out like a cat and he steps back shocked.

Beasts appear next to me. I tilt my head and smile.

"No mercy will be shown from me. Avolvo" I whisper. The beasts leaps and Sidion turns to water flying through the tree's.

I look down at Tovek. His breathing is shallow and his body heat is really low.

"Elena!!!!" I scream my voice echoing through the tree's.

The End

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