Tovek: Pain

I raced over to her, she saw me coming, ran faster, hmm testing me, if I could just catch her, I would get rid of all my inhibitions, I've had enough of doubting myself, time to show her who I am.
I leapt onto a tree, flying through the air that would make Ava proud. I swung like an ape branch after branch, something resembling love giving me the strength to do impossible things, I pushed hard, ripping through the canopy, but she was fast, and knew where she was going, though I was sure she was going back, suddenly I felt terrible, like someone I knew was in trouble, was it Elena?
At that moment a jet of water shot past me, in front of me, turned to ice so I slammed into it and fell heavily to the floor.
"Chasing after a maiden, goodness she is a nymph, maybe I should turn her into a pine tree, pining after you like a puppy dog!"
He made me sick,"how dare you!" I roared, "She'd eat you alive!" I jumped out of the way as a second jet of water flew at me, nocked an arrow and shot it, he changed to water, the arrow flying right through him.
"Naughty boy," he smiled, and grabbed my ankles dragging me back to the beech, "let's teach you a lesson!"
"PIXEL!" I screamed, "Pixel I-"
I was enveloped in water, water everywhere filling my lungs, in my ears and nose, I couldn't breathe. Then all my troubles seemed to fade, the hurt of Ava gone, the hurt caused by my own stupid actions, only my strong feelings for Pixel burning through me, if ever I saw her again, I would not be stupid, I would not push her away to protect my own heart, If I saw her again, her beautiful blue face that shone like the moon, the long blue hair and slender arms that held me when I was injured, if I saw her again......

The End

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