Pixel: Disapointment

I felt slightly disapointed and sick as I walk away. The smell of that guys made me feel sick.

And my disapointment came from Tovek. He had three chances to kiss me and he choose the one where a big crash happens. Urrrrr, It wasn't his fault but I still felt frustrated.

I felt slighly stupid as well. When I had helped up Sidion he had looked at me in pain. God, how could he think I would be interested in that arrogant sea wreach.

"Pixel" I turned to my name and my heart lurched when I saw it was Tovek. "Umm, about that kiss....."

"I enjoyed it" I mumble.

"Really?" he asks and I look up to see his eyes shining happy. Then I felt slight fury.

"Your meant to say I enjoyed it too" I shout then storm off to the forest.

"Pixel, wait" he say's chacing after me. Uh, boys. There all the same in every species.

The End

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